Saturday, February 1, 2014

Squamish trails with Adam & Liz

Why wait until August? 

With the dry winter all of the lower Squamish trails are snow free and in great shape. The snow level was around 2,000' and that was only a very light dusting. It was a chilly -3c when we started and only "warmed up" to 1c, but a really fun time out on the trails. 

Alpha Mountain from Debeck's Hill
Descending the road on Debeck's.
Plush trail along Stump Lake.
Climbing up Made in the Shade.
Northside Connector.
Word of Mouth; probably my favorite trail of the day.
Word of Mouth.
Word of Mouth.
Lower Stil'halem Sintl'.
Upper Stil'halem Sintl'; reminded me of the climb to Fawn Ridge at White River (just a lot shorter).
Top of Stil'halem Sintl' just before dropping down Angry Midget and heading back to town.

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