Monday, May 26, 2014

A day on Chuckanut and Blanchard

Graham got to play tour guide for me and Matthew on Saturday and showed us some cool trails around Chuckanut and Blanchard that we'd never run before.
  • Rock trail: many steps passing Chuckanut sandstone boulders and cliffbands, connecting Lost Lake up to the top of Chinscraper; impressive trail building! 
  • Crazy mountain bike descent: cuts off of Fragrance Lake at main junction near the bottom of Chinscraper, on the north side, and is very steep with multiple 4-to-8 foot drops, including one directly after a hairpin turn. Ends on the Interurban about .6 miles north of the Fragrance Lake trailhead.
  • Connector from clear cut to DNR roads and Blanchard: steep, dropping down through loose dirt, rock and branches, some brush and mud in the trees after the clear cut, a pretty darn fun trail (minus the zooming dirt bikes, unfortunately).
A fun time-on-legs day with good vertical gain...

Pausing along the classic Chuckanut Ridge trail
Rock Trail
Back at the clear cut, after 30 miles and 8,700' of gain, before the final descent to the cars
San Juan Islands

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