Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nason Ridge, Central Cascades

Another weekend, another day out on new trails in the mountains.

Kevin and I headed up to Nason Ridge, on the east side of Steven's Pass. We had some ideas to tag a summit and then run a chunk of the ridge, but after my poor navigation, we just ended up doing a little steep hiking/scrambling, and then running out and back to the lookout on the eastern portion of Nason. The trails are in decent shape, but beyond Merritt Lake it's obvious they aren't too-oft traveled.

A very hot day, it was tough to keep up on hydration... Also some of the worst mosquitoes we've ever experienced. I guess that bottle of Off in the trailhead registration box was no joke.

Hiking up the Merritt Lake trail
Nason Ridge trail toward Crescent Lake
Crescent Lake
Heading the wrong way up toward Mt. Howard
Above Crescent Lake
Yeah...NOW we see where we were supposed to go; doh!
Keeping our sense of humor as we head back down
Meadows below Crescent Lake
Nason Ridge trail
Merritt Lake
Nason Ridge trail toward the lookout
Came from the left, headed up
Glacier Peak from the lookout
Daniel and Hinman
Dreaming of cold drinks...

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