Monday, August 11, 2014

Thru-hiking for Kids fundraiser on the Pacific Northwest Trail

No, no, I'm not thru-hiking anything...yet...

Sir Hikes a Lot, aka Erik Antonelli, set off today on the Pacific Northwest Trail for 1200 miles of hiking goodness between Glacier National Park and the Pacific Ocean. Not only is Erik an amazing ultra-hiker, often hiking 40-50 miles per day and contributing excruciatingly-precise trip reports ("I encountered 67 downed trees between..."), but he's a good friend and someone who I respect. I would wager he has one of the best knowledge banks of north and central Cascade trail conditions, and I often take advantage of him am gifted wonderful routes in the Pacific Northwest that he has hiked and is eager to share.

This is Erik's second time doing the PNT and he's currently fundraising for the Washington Trail Association's youth hiking program. I was fortunate enough to have a family that got me outdoors hiking and camping from a very young age, and also put me into two outdoor leadership camps during my teen years. I hope through Erik's fundraising and the WTA's program that more youth are able to have similar experiences.

Safe travels my friend and I'll see you along the way!

My last-mile pacer at the Miwok 100km

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