Monday, October 13, 2014

High Pass loop with Sir-Hikes-a-Lot, Glacier Peak Wilderness

A real treat to get out with Sir-Hikes-a-Lot for some ultra hiking in one of the areas I didn't fit into the summer running schedule. Fresh snow between Buck Creek Pass and High Pass made it feel even more alpine and wintry.
Buck Mountain, from the Buck Creek trail
Upper Buck Creek basin
Looking at where we're headed; Liberty Cap (r) and the ridge toward High Pass
Saw a few deer throughout the day
Liberty Cap and ridge toward High Pass; trail contours on the backside
Getting into snow around 6200'; ridge south of Fortress in the background
Traversing toward the saddle south of 7276'
Looking back at the traverse below 7276'
Climbing up the shoulder of 7625' 
Basin to cross before High Pass
High Pass in the upper left
Looking down the basin to Triad Lake, below 7529'
Sir-Hikes-a-Lot takes in High Pass, Clark Mountain dominating the backdrop

Descending the High Pass basin
Descending the High Pass basin
A couple of Clark Mountain's extensive glaciers

Heading down the Napeequa River valley, larch on Chiwawa Ridge
Louis Creek Falls
Looking northwest up the Napeequa toward where we came from; taken just below Little Giant Pass
On the east side of Little Giant Pass, looking south down Chiwawa Ridge


  1. Love the shot from little giant pass looking back down into the valley. So many autumn colors. Is there still not much of a trail down in that valley?

    1. Yesterday seemed to be a good time to go as a lot of the grass is dying, which makes it easier to see the "trail." Some of the slide alder has been cut back, but also without leaves it's easier to see through. Watch out for shin-deep mud, though :) . Glad we went clockwise as the trail from Little G down to the Napeequa is steep and eroded; much better/safer to climb up to Little G.

  2. How long did the hike take? Any recommendations on gear? Seasoned hiker/backpacker. Just wondering if looking back you would have brought additional gear.

    1. Hi Jessica, we were just under 12 hours car-to-car; no issues except the snow slowing us down for 3-4 miles. No gear that I can think... microspikes wouldn't have helped since it was fresh, soft snow. It was nice to have poles as there are some rough sections.

  3. I did that route the day before with really nice weather. Interesting how much changed overnight. However,I ran it clockwise as I didn't start until after 10am and figured I'd rather run out Buck Creek with a headlamp as opposed to Little Giant. I got lucky and only needed the light for the final 2 miles.
    Thanks for posting.

    1. Nice, Paul! We were thinking of going clockwise, but then we saw all the snow along the ridge on the drive in and thought counter would be better between High-Buck passes. Such a great area...thanks for commenting!