Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"November arrived, cold as frozen iron..."

Ethan, Kate and I knew it was going to be cold but were hoping that all the "clear" weather forecasts would deliver a little sunshine (and good views/visibility). Clouds sat over the Chiwaukum range all morning and into the afternoon, however, with a light snow falling for the first few hours. About 8" of fresh snow above Frosty Pass started to feel a little deep so the Ladies Pass loop will have to wait for another day...

A lot of very fresh blowdown on the Frosty Pass trail; trees were creaking and moaning all day
Upper Frosty Creek basin
Frosty Pass, 5800'
Snowgrass Mountain and the Wildhorse Creek drainage
Above Frosty Pass at ~6100'

Kate, Ethan, me
Icy log slide across a creek on the Frosty Creek trail

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