Sunday, January 18, 2015

Capitol Peak Mega Fat Ass 50k

Well, at least the company was good! If not for Kevin and Paul the Capitol Peak Mega Fat Ass yesterday would have been even more miserable than it was....and it was mighty miserable...

The first two or three hours were actually pretty good, but from mile 18ish to the finish was a consistent mix of ankle-to-shin-deep mud, trough puddles and cold rain that amply compensated for any enjoyment we experienced during the first half. Somehow Ethan must have levitated over all of it, finishing practically half a day before we did.

Thanks to Kevin for snapping a few weather-appropriate pictures during the day, and to Paul for logging another ultra together.

Kevin's beard and Paul, early in the day
Me and Paul, still early
Mile 13 or so?
Around mile 20, when things started to get ugly
Kevin, me, Paul; "smiling"
But maybe it was just the kick in the butt, or slide in the mud, that was necessary for me to more seriously start on a structured spring to be prepared for the goals of summer. After five weeks off from running (November to early December) and then mostly hiking with one or two runs a week (mid December-January) it feels like time to start putting some fitness together. Consistent weekday runs and getting back in the weekend-long-run rhythm will be good and much needed for some of the outings I'd like to do.

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