Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Gorge, Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness 50k loop

Third trip down to the Columbia River Gorge with some new trails, a good group of guys and a smattering of warm spring weather.

We had a longer route planned, but the 30 miles we did still had 7,000'+ of gain; plenty for this early in the season, as it turned out. Our route started from the lower Eagle Creek parking lot: Buck Point/Ruckel Ridge, Benson Plateau, Pacific Crest Trail to Chinidere Mountain summit, Herman Creek trail to Tomlike Mountain out-and-back to summit, Wahtum Lake and exit via Eagle Creek.

Thanks to Ben for putting the route together and to Ethan and Will for coming along!

Bonneville Dam, from low on Ruckel Ridge
Heading up Ruckel Ridge; Will's photo
Will on Ruckel Ridge
Ruckel Ridge; Ben's photo
Ethan on one of the little catwalk sections on Ruckel Ridge
Ruckel Ridge; Ben's photo
Ruckel Ridge; Ben's photo
Upper Ruckel Creek on the Benson Plateau
Grassy forest on Benson Plateau
Ethan on the PCT with Adams and Rainier
Ethan's photo
Chinidere Mountain summit, with the southern Washington volcanoes
And Mt. Hood; Will's photo
Headed to Tomlike Mountain, a super fun trail
Ridge below Tomlike Mountain summit; Ben's photo
The boys on Tomlike Mountain
Ben descending from Tomlike Mountain
Falls in upper Eagle Creek
Upper Eagle Creek; Ben's photo
Will on the Eagle Creek trail; Ben's photo

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