Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yakima Skyline 50k - 2015

From freezing fog and mud in January to Saturday's sun and warm spring temperatures (high of 78), Yakima seems to throw an extra element in there. Collective suffering seemed to be the prevalent theme of the day...

Thank you to the whole crew of running buds I got to run or at least spend time with (Dave, Kevin, Ethan, Richard, Matthew, Ian, Greg, Will), team Rainshadow and all the volunteers.

I'm not planning on running any races until September (at the earliest), so back to the mountains for me!

Pop-tarts, frappuccino and beer, Friday night at the Ellensburg Econo Lodge 
Ethan, me, Kelly, Kevin and Richard; Dave's photo
Start at the Umtanum Creek Recreation Area; Dave's photo
Bottom of the first descent; Will's photo
Glenn Tachiyama photo
Glenn Tachiyama photo
The spring/horse trough: hold your nose while splashing around; Dave's photo
Nice to see Dave, Mathew and Ian sweeping the course; my mile 20

The Yakima River along the course; Dave's photo
Glenn Tachiyama photo
Sweeps giving encouragement to all-smiles Greg; Dave's photo
Halfway up the opening climb/down the final descent; Dave's photo
And yes, the toughest 50k race I've done...

Pearl Izumi Trail N2, Ultra Split Short, Fly shirt, ambassador singlet, Drymax Trail Lite sock

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