Sunday, May 22, 2016

McLeod Mountain 8099', Pasayten

Eric and I parked at the junction of Goat Creek Road (5200) and Long Creek Road (5200-500) at 3800'. Long Creek Rd is washed out and has blowdowns across it maybe 1/2-mile up from the junction.

Our plan was to traverse the ridge from McLeod Mountain on the east to Setting Sun at the western end. After a few road miles we took an open grassy slope to McLeod's south ridge. Consistent snow started around 6500' and by 7000' the light rain turned to snow. There was about 4" of fresh snow above 7000'.

After McLeod we backtracked down to ~7300' and turned west to hit all the bumps and smaller peaks on the ridge. After Midday (7670'), Afternoon (7459') and Peachy (7181') we were a little behind schedule from the snow and navigation in the whiteout and bailed on Setting Sun as Eric had a long drive back to the west side. One to go back for as a short half-day trip!

Approaching McLeod's south ridge from Long Creek Rd
Flat spot on McLeod's south ridge at ~7100'
"Hhhmmmm, looks like the summit"
"Yup, this is it" - McLeod Mountain 8099'
Descending McLeod
Eric and I on Midday 7670'
Coyote tracks on the way to Peachy
Looking back at Afternoon on the way to Peachy; "sucker views"
Coyote tracks on lower Peachy
Nearing the top of Peachy
Weasel-family tracks on Peachy; maybe Ermine?
Descending Peachy's south ridge back to Long Creek Rd

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