Sunday, April 16, 2017

Florence Peak, MRNP

It was odd to start a snowshoe without actually wearing them straight out of the car. Snow level was around 3000' with no significant snow until ~4000'. Snowshoes needed from 4000' up, ~4" of fresh snow above that level, already beginning to melt and slough off by lunchtime. We skipped the snowy class 3 scramble to the true Florence summit. A full Alki Crest ridge trip to Tolmie would be a nice spring trip when the schedule warrants. ~8.5m, 4000' gain.

Fisher-sized tracks

Easy creek crossing (at the moment); Ben's photo

Waterfall above the creek crossing

Nice basin at 4000'; time for snowshoes

Midway up Alki Crest; Ben's photo

Soft rime ice crystals on Alki Crest

Soft rime ice on Alki Crest

Last little step to Florence's false summit (upper left); Ben's photo

Nearing the top of the step at Florence false summit; Ben's photo

Florence false summit; Ben's photo

Not a total whiteout! 

Alki Crest, Howard Peak. Tolmie Peak lookout

Lurking Rainier

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