Sunday, March 9, 2014


Gorgeous outside today. So why did we do this yesterday?

Thanks to Adam for helping me out of a bad patch midway through. I felt like I was in a Snickers commercial, or something, but soup, coke and M&Ms from End of the Line turned it all around to finish off the last ten miles in "mental callousing" weather.

Other stuff:
  • Gorge on March 30 means I'm trying to do two good weeks before taking a little taper. This week worked out to 67 miles and I'll shoot for 60-65m this coming week as well, which will include another 50k on Saturday at... 
  • ...Chuckanut, where I'll be sweeping. Should be a nice, long time-on-legs day to do a low-impact 50k. Good luck to everyone running, especially "Cousin" Ben
  • Plain went from 15 entrants to 26 in one week. 
  • Tried one of these yesterday and really liked it: PocketFuel. A bit spendy to buy the small ones, but a big 20oz pouch to refill a soft flask seems like a decent idea. Or, make Nutella a bit more viscous?  

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