Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tapering: what to do?

I'm pretty good about not running too much when I'm tapering, but my body does tend to go a little crazy. I always feel fine in the weeks leading up to a race, and then all of a sudden one or two completely bizarre things hurt, seemingly out of nowhere...? Taper week usually means lots of rolling, icing and trying to stay away from googling different word strings that usually end with "pain," or "treatment."

So, now in a period without much running until Sunday, I get to fill my time with other activities. Like:
  • A "short and mellow" trail run which really was neither that short, nor that mellow

  • Organizing race food
Yes, she DID separate them by brand
  • Building the first ever Lego Friends Ultra Aid Station (OK, OK, Lily built it...)
Take note RDs: no tortillas! 
  • Breaking in new race-day kicks
Fourth pair of Pearl Izumi Trail N2 shoes

Best of luck to everyone running Saturday and Sunday!

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