Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mount Defiance with Sir-Hikes-a-Lot

The weather window was not to be missed.

Sir-Hikes-a-Lot and I decided to stay local when we saw on the webcams that Newhalem and Diablo were getting snow. Mount Defiance (5,584') was a great choice and we went up via the Mason Creek trail (old route). Snow was fine up the creek trail and only 6-12" around the lake, starting to get deep above 4,200' (past the trail junction). Knee/thigh deep for the final vertical 200-300' to the summit.

We were treated to a calm and perfect summit...

Took the new trail back from the lake which is very well packed down, though not icy as of today.

Old Mason Creek Trail
Defiance on the way to Mason Lake
Mason Lake outlet crossing
15F, elevation was actually about 4,250'
Kaleetan and Chair from the SE ridge of Defiance
Rainier and a faraway Adams
Sir-Hikes-a-Lot doing the tough stuff
I just got to lollygag and enjoy the views
Final section to the summit; SHaL rocks the runners
Obligatory Big Mountain shot...
SHaL enjoying the summit

Kaleetan, Chair and Chikamin-Lema area beyond
Ever-recognizable Mt. Stuart
Full east (right) to west pano; Glacier and Baker both visible
Bellevue, Seattle, the sound and the Olympics
Descending around 5,300' with Mason Lake and Little Bandera

The new trail, heading down

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