Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Solstice group night run 2014

Today is longer than yesterday!

Not only do I appreciate the fact that every day we'll be getting a little more light, but also that I have friends who honestly enjoy getting outdoors year-round. The second annual Winter Solstice group night run was an excellent time to get together for some night miles, in the rain of course, to unabashedly talk trail and ultra running for hours in the woods. Nothing like running Chuckanut Ridge in the dark!

Thank you to Kevin and Dave for taking pictures, Graham for choosing the route and the rest of the guys for coming out, ten in total: Paul, Justin, Will, Matthew, Richard and Ray.

Dave, Will, Luke, Paul, Graham, Justin, Richard, Ray, Matthew and Kevin
Chinscraper has totally been rerouted! The upper half is all banked switchbacks like a downhill MTB trail, sadly...
Chuckanut Ridge "views"
Deciding which trails to take for the last few miles
White Walkers Ultrarunners are coming...
Everyone survived, ankles intact  

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  1. Good times. Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to the next adventure together.