Sunday, June 5, 2016

Suiattle Pass, Glacier Peak Wilderness

Dave's first run over 50k in a year-plus! Welcome back, buddy.

Relevant trail conditions past Miners Ridge:
  • Miners Ridge-Suiattle Pass connector: 5 blowdowns, all relatively small. Patchy snow on the eastern portion of the trail toward the junction with the PCT, but no navigational issues except for 200' through the meadows right before the junction. 
  • PCT: 75% snow from the Miners Ridge junction to Suiattle Pass; 3 blowdowns from Suiattle Pass down to the junction with the Buck Creek Pass trail with many wet melt-stream crossings. From the Buck Creek Pass junction southbound to the Miners Ridge junction there are 33 blowdowns including three very large ones. One set of two (pictured below) may be problematic to clear.
Oh also was a bazillion degrees! 

Northwestern Alligator Lizard (I think?)
Dakobed Range
Dave with the north side of Fortress and Chiwawa in the background
Dave cruising toward Suiattle Pass
Glacier Peak Mine detritus
Hiker route to Cloudy Pass from Suiattle Pass; Cloudy Peak on the left
Descending back to the PCT from Suiattle Pass
Chiwawa (l), north side of Fortress, and the unnamed (?) pass
Dave's photo
Cluster of blowdowns at the Buck Creek Pass junction
Huge Doug Fir took out the Cedar when it fell; I'm standing on top of the fir and the trail is directly under the cedar's root ball. 
Where the PCT hits the Suiattle River bed; it was the hottest section of the day
Nice way to finish
36ish miles going by maps

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