Sunday, May 8, 2016

Suiattle River and Miners Ridge, Glacier Peak Wilderness

Even with a more normal snow pack this year the warm spring seems to be providing a very rapid melt. In May 2015 after the winter that wasn't, Kevin and I came up to Miners Ridge and the snow started around 5200'. This year, only five days later the in the month, the snow level was basically the same, although there definitely is more snow on the ridge top.

Sir Hikes A Lot (a tree lover) took little convincing to add on a few miles and pop over to the south side of the Suiattle on the PCT to visit the great old growth cedar and firs that Ben and I had seen around sunset on our Glacier Peak loop.

Relevant trail conditions:
  • Suiattle River: ~30 blowdowns between the TH and Miners Ridge junction; none are an issue. 
  • PCT south of Suiattle River: handful of blowdowns, stream before the good tree grove is a ford or wet log.
  • Miners Ridge: ~20 blowdowns, again no issue with any of them, snow begins at 5200', post holing down low but was consolidated with only a top slop layer on the ridge.

Don't stand in the middle too long...

Suiattle cedars; Sir Hikes photo
Gorgeous Doug Firs
Very fresh cat scat
Raging Suiattle River from the PCT bridge
Suiattle and Dusty drainages, from Miners Ridge

On the trail up to Miners Ridge, with Glacier Peak; Sir Hikes photo
Looking north to that high route across the way
Miners Ridge Lookout, ~6200'

Miners Ridge; Sir Hikes photo
Sir Hikes photo
Sir Hikes on Miners Ridge with one of the best views in the Glacier Peak Wilderness beyond
Buck Creek Pass; Helmet Butte (l) and Buck Mountain behind the pass
Sir Hikes at one of his favorite places
Sir Hikes photo

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