Sunday, April 16, 2017

Florence Peak, MRNP

It was odd to start a snowshoe without actually wearing them straight out of the car. Snow level was around 3000' with no significant snow until ~4000'. Snowshoes needed from 4000' up, ~4" of fresh snow above that level, already beginning to melt and slough off by lunchtime. We skipped the snowy class 3 scramble to the true Florence summit. A full Alki Crest ridge trip to Tolmie would be a nice spring trip when the schedule warrants. ~8.5m, 4000' gain.

Fisher-sized tracks

Easy creek crossing (at the moment); Ben's photo

Waterfall above the creek crossing

Nice basin at 4000'; time for snowshoes

Midway up Alki Crest; Ben's photo

Soft rime ice crystals on Alki Crest

Soft rime ice on Alki Crest

Last little step to Florence's false summit (upper left); Ben's photo

Nearing the top of the step at Florence false summit; Ben's photo

Florence false summit; Ben's photo

Not a total whiteout! 

Alki Crest, Howard Peak. Tolmie Peak lookout

Lurking Rainier

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jolly Mountain v3, Teanaway

Having previously been to Jolly a couple of times (November 2015, June 2016) missing the views wasn't as bad as how far off the forecast was to reality. Ben and I continue to rack up view-less summits together...

Snow above 4500' was good, below 4500 was OK in the morning and melting mashed potatoes in the afternoon.
Decent enough weather in the morning
Good snow and some sun, ~4600'
Snowing and visibility decreasing, Jolly at right
Jolly Mountain summit ridge; blah
Usual Ben and Luke conditions...snowing and low visibility
Cool! But notice all the snowmobile tracks going past it...and all the way up to 6000' actually.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Humpback Mountain 5174', I-90

Quick snowshoe with Ben; decent snow down low with 6-10" of powder on a solid base above ~4,000'. So how about that "sunny until 4pm" forecast...?

South Fork Snoqualmie River, McClellan Butte
On the upper, more-enjoyable section of the NW ridge
The upper ridge; Ben's photo
Humpback Mountain 5174'
Ben's photo
Ben's photo
Leaving the summit; Ben's photo

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Granite-Tusk o Granite loop, Alpine Lakes Wilderness

A quick winter trip I'd never got around to. Conditions were perfect for the winter route, wearing spikes car-to-car. Early start helped with firm conditions on the climb up, snow was either wind blown or in wind drifts on the ridge over to Tusk with the Olallie Lake trail being totally packed down.

Yeah, don't go the summer route...
Ben about halfway up the winter route section
Before the last section to the lookout
Granite Mountain lookout 5629'
Glacier Peak behind Chair Peak
Easterly flow inversion?
Granite from Tusk o Granite