Monday, July 1, 2019

Eastern Pasayten Wilderness loop

A good early-summer marker is the annual Pasayten Wilderness trip (2019 is year six!).

Ben hadn't yet seen the eastern Pasayten, so we did parts of the classic Chewuch-Boundary Trail loop, but included nine summits along the way and quite a bit of cross-country travel.

65 miles, 19k' gain

Chewuch River beaver

Rubber Boa

Not the usual Wilderness sign

Windy Creek trail to Windy Peak

Pano from Windy Peak

Horseshoe Mountain summit, with Arnold and Armstrong next; Ben's photo

Border monuments 103 and 104 are on Armstrong

Mother Ptarmigan distracting us from the chicks

Armstrong Creek valley, Canada

Descending Armstrong, Haig in center up next

Loudon Lake and the western edge of Horseshoe Basin

Weather rolling in

Bauerman Ridge hail storm; Ben's photo

Bauerman Ridge hail storm; Ben's photo

Apex Mountain from Tungsten Mine

Pano from Wolframite Mountain summit

Ben on Wolframite's summit

Remmel Mountain from the summit of Apex Mountain

Western Pasayten and the North Cascades from Apex

Looking at our cross country route south of Apex, down to the Chewuch

Four Point Creek basin on the Remmel/Coleman Ridge trail

The signs survive

Nice bedrock area on Andrews Creek

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Meadow Mountain loop, Glacier Peak Wilderness

No views at all....BUT: first bobcat, grouse nest, lots of bear and cat tracks/scat, no people, solid adventure. Will need to return for the views.

28m, 5900' gain

Follow the bears

I'm sure this is gorgeous

One of the newest Wilderness signs I've seen in the northwest


...and basins

Glacier lilies and pasque

Classic GPW ridge contouring

More nice basins

Dyke and veins

Old fire pit being reclaimed; 

Great wilderness experiences on abandoned trails 
Dancing at the Devil's Club

Grouse nest

Natural reclamation

White Chuck River Road

Monster Doug Fir

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Garfield Mountain Circumnavigation, Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Lane suggested the route and it's a good mix of very runnable terrain and 3-4 miles of schwacking (some sections more so than others). We went clockwise, however either way probably is fine. We passed Goat Lake on the west side as there is a large slab running down into the lake on the SE side that looked nearly impassable. Fisherman's trail to Horseshoe Lake is there if you're paying attention. Few washout/blowdown areas are marked with a flag.

21.6 miles, ~4500' gain
The Lukes

Seeley Boys

Brush on the east side of Snoqualmie Lake

Brush around Snoqualmie Lake

Looking north across Snoqualmie Lake

Looking south toward the pass leading to Goat Lake; brief brush respite

Nice gully to the pass and Goat Lake

Looking down the gully and north to Snoqualmie Lake

Goat Lake

Incoming tadpole explosion at Goat Lake