Sunday, August 26, 2018

Mt. Adams "Round the Mountain", Mt. Adams Wilderness

The Mt. Adams "Round the Mountain," loop is one Ben and I often talked about, but with a five-hour-each-way drive, it usually got bumped down the option list. This most likely is the last PNW volcano circumnavigation that I plan on doing (Glacier PeakMt. RainierMt. St. HelensMt. Hood).

Reviewing forecasts for this past Friday-Saturday looked ideal as smoke and/or onshore flow was going to keep the Cascades largely socked in. We got lucky with great weather, crowds concentrated on the climbing route and PCT sections only, and wonderful scenery. We stuck to the normal loop with one exception: taking a cross country route on the north side of the mountain, opting to stay high under the Lava and Lyman glaciers instead of dropping low into the forest. It was mostly solid and all non-technical. Thanks for another great trip, Ben!

AG Aiken Lava Bed

Bird Creek Meadows area with Gentians

Love unique signs! The Ruby Crest Trail has a nice one too

Entering Hellroaring Meadow

Hellroaring Meadow

Ben in Hellroaring Meadow

Marshy with many glacial streams on the north side of Hellroaring Meadow; Ben's photo

Klickitat Glacier and The Castle

The impressive Big Muddy Creek valley, from the Ridge of Wonders

Big Muddy Creek ford

Mt. Adams casting a long shadow out east

Victory Ridge, Roosevelt Cliff, Rusk Galcier; Ben's photo

Almost sunset at 7700', Rainier and Goat Rocks above the clouds

Heading a bit farther to find a sheltered camp; Ben's photo

Goats at sunset...

Ben getting a clouds time-lapse shot

Sunrise from camp, with Rainier and Goat Rocks

Wilson and Lyman glaciers at sunrise

Looking NNW at sunrise with Rainier and Goat Rocks, our cross country route cuts far left across this

Rainier at sunrise

About where we cut left to start the cross country section; Ben's photo

Ben on the cross country section

North Cleaver and Lava Glacier; Ben's photo

Blunt force trauma is the phrase, I believe...Ben's photo

the mighty Adams Glacier splits the mountains NW flank

Descriptive trail name

Finishing up on the west side, maybe Horseshoe Meadow; Ben's photo


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Goat Island Mountain, MRNP

Last weekend it was too smokey to do the second half of the trip, but Goat Island Mountain always is an enjoyable section of the park.

Sunday, August 12, 2018