Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 31, 2013

Still recovering a bit from Chuckanut, sort of. Everything feels great except some weird Achilles pain in my right heel. I have absolutely no pain until I put a pair of shoes on and my heel touches the back of the cup.

Going to take the next five days off and do some cross training and hope it clears up. I think I probably started running too soon after Chuckanut (two days later…) but in Moab it was tough not to go enjoy the Slick Rock (Red Hot 55k definitely added to the “future races” list).

In the meantime, did some new trails on the North Shore today and can’t wait for the snow to keep melting to tackle some of the peaks in the area.

Norvan Falls, Lynn Valley

Aaaahhh, feels good, North Vancouver trails
Even with tapering for Chuckanut and doing two easy-ish weeks after, I ran over 116 miles in March (62 miles on trails).

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