Sunday, April 7, 2013

Total bonk

Ugh. For the last two miles (mostly downhill…) I actually had to alternate running and walking. That hurts.

After not eating enough Saturday night, going to bed hungry and then tossing and turning all night, I surprisingly felt good in the morning. My taped heel/Achilles felt fine. Then I forgot my banana. A Greg-inherited tradition, I always have a banana at the beginning of a long run, or 15-30mins before the start line of a race.

I tried to space out the 400 calories I had with me, but it simply wasn’t enough. Made it through the first half OK, but by 12 miles I could tell it was going to be a rough finish.

To add insult to it all, I took a wrong turn and went nearly half a mile up the Dreamweaver trail (adding some extra climbing) before realizing what I did.

I’m sure quite a few people near Ambleside were surprised to see someone, lead legs covered in mud, wearing a hydration vest, power hiking a paved path. I can only imagine…I guess it was good for total "time on feet" though!

Ambleside to Lynn Headwaters, out and back (with a slight detour):

20.8 miles, 3,200’

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