Monday, July 1, 2013

Devil's Dome loop pics from Dave and Richard

Dave's blog entry with pictures and some video.
Richard's training entry.

A few more photos:

Panorama from Devil's Dome, looking south; my photo.

Route finding through central Jackita Ridge; Richard's photo.
North Fork Devil's Creek headwaters; cross-country travel from here up to Devil's Ridge; Dave's photo.

Leaving the summit of Devil's Dome, looking west; Dave's photo.

Devil's Dome group shot. Thanks Richard!

Action Dave descending from Devil's Dome (I butt-glissaded...); Richard's photo.

Shuffling along the East Bank trail; Richard's photo.

Discussing who is wearing the better freebie race shirt; Dave looks seriously unimpressed...Richard's accidental "self-timer-not-on" photo (at least I hope that was the case).

Done....for today.

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