Saturday, April 12, 2014

Back to it

I recovered for pretty much the entire week following Gorge, only running about 15 miles.

With Miwok coming up though, I went out hard this week trying to put in some higher-intensity efforts since the course terrain is different than what I'm used to. I even tried to do a fast long run (and then immediately remembered that road running hurts):

Solid 50k on the North Shore today; only one bad patch around miles 22-24, coming back up Mountain Highway. My legs just felt shot. I walked a couple small sections, ate some chews and felt much better by the time I got down St. George and back on the Baden Powell. Gitta introduced herself while I was refilling at the water fountain next to Cleveland Dam and she pulled me down to Park Royal and my car at what felt like a pretty brisk pace I knew I wouldn't have done if I'd been by myself. The company and conversation was nice after more than five hours by myself. It's also really nice to run with some sunshine and see the snow melting. Hopefully real mountains can be put on the calendar soon...

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