Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stetattle Ridge, North Cascades

I think Parson Smith got it right...

I have roamed in foreign parts my boys,
And many lands have seen,
But Columbia is my idol yet
Of all lands, she is Queen.

The North Cascades continue to impress me every time I visit. Whether it's the eastern edge in the Pasayten Wilderness or the massive valleys, rugged peaks and striking glaciers along the crest and western side. 

How lucky we are to spend time in these mountains...

Taking the direct approach to Stetattle
An old overgrown trail on the very southern end
Brush shower

Steve on southern Stetattle Ridge, looking south
From right to left, some of the notable peaks: Pyramid, Pinnacle, Snowfield, Colonial, Primus, Tricouni, Boston, Buckner, Logan and Red
Moving north along the ridge, with point 6495' showing as the high point center-right; McMillan Spire, Degenhardt and Davis Peak to the west
From north to west (left), taken from point 6495' on Stetattle Ridge; zoom photos of prominent peaks below
Redoubt (l). Mox Peaks (center, partly obscured by clouds), Spickard (r); in the foreground is the northwest-trending ridge from Prophet
The uniquely-shaped Luna Peak, with the saddle between Stetattle and Elephant Butte in the foreground
Elephant Butte (r) and Fury; northern Pickets in the center background 
McMillan Spire (r) and Degenhardt, and the beautiful ridge to the south
North/east face of Davis Peak
Infinity tarn, with a pair of Jacks
Jack Mountain rising almost 7,500' feet above Ross reservoir; Pasayten peaks beyond 
Sourdough Mountain lookout, Golden Horn prominent in the background
Thanks for joining, Steve

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  1. Love those days when you break above the clouds. I liked the Jack mtn reflection shot in the tarn.