Sunday, March 1, 2015

High Divide loop, Olympic National Park

The last time I was on the High Divide was 1997 as a young teen on an outdoor leadership program. I remember it being warmer; there were more bears and a healthy dose of pubescent insecurity, but equally-beautiful views.

It's another Washington classic that I unfortunately didn't make it to during summer or fall, and it's absurd to be able to do it on foot in February. Thanks to Sir Hikes and Jessica for the enjoyable day out there. 

Friday's snow was heavily windblown, resulting in some bare areas with only old, crusty snow and some fresh drifts a good 4'+. It mostly was just ankle-to-shin deep, with a few knee-deep sections, though. Never used any traction but poles were nice on some of the traversing sections. 

Deer Lake
Tarns above Deer Lake, Sol Duc valley in the background
Sir Hikes and Jessica, above the Bogachiel River headwaters
Approaching the switchbacks before Bogachiel Peak; Jessica's photo
Switchbacks before Bogachiel Peak; Sir Hikes photo
Jessica below Bogachiel Peak
High Divide above Seven Lakes Basin; Sir Hikes photo
Sir Hikes above Seven Lakes Basin with a good example of the snow drifts; trail traverses the slope below the small cliff band and toward the trees on the ridge
Seven Lakes Basin; Mount Appleton (l) and Cat Peak and Mount Carrie (r)
Sir Hikes on the High Divide

Mount Carrie (l), the Bailey Range and the Mount Olympus massif over the Hoh River valley
High Divide above Lake No. 8; Sir Hikes photo
Sir Hikes
Jessica; Sir Hikes photo
Mount Olympus from the High Divide
Descending to Heart Lake; Jessica's photo
Jessica descending to Heart Lake


  1. This makes me want to go tag Mt. Olympus this spring.

  2. This is great! I was just wondering what the conditions where like up there. Hope to head out there next time a high pressure system sets up shop over the region!