Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Northern Loop, Mount Rainier National Park

Originally planning on trying the Northern Loop direct route, competing cloud layers (one in the valleys, another around 6500-7000') put me off the seven miles of cross country and I decided to just stay on the Northern Loop trail. It worked out well, meeting Joe along the way, and spending the last ~17m together. Getting some value out of that America the Beautiful pass!

Strava file
From Sourdough Ridge around 7:45am; best view of the mountain yesterday
Entering Grand Park
A still and quiet Grand Park
Through Grand Park toward Lake Eleanor
West Fork White River
West Fork White River braid
Van Horn Creek basin
Looking up at Crescent Gap from Windy Gap
Goats below "Yosemite Cliffs"
More goats below "Yosemite Cliffs"
Debris over the toe of the Carbon Glacier
Mystic Lake and Old Desolate Mountain
Ending the day through Berkeley Park

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