Saturday, January 9, 2016

Slide Mountain, Mount Rainier National Park

It seems rare that any trip I've planned blind by drawing lines on a map works out as well as today did. After parking at the end of road 7160 (blocked just after the Christian camp) Ben and I followed the road up until the spur headed toward Fawn Ridge. From there, we headed straight up all of Fawn Ridge, passing Lake 5580' and tromping up to the ridge north of Slide Mountain (6339'), taking the ridge out to the peak.

The snow was better than expected and allowed for pretty quick travel (as far as snowshoeing is concerned).

Little Ranger Peak cliffs, from low on Fawn Ridge (in the clear cut regrowth)
Checking out an antler rub tree
Midway up Fawn Ridge
On Point 5460' on Fawn Ridge
Above Lake 5580', heading up to the ridge above right of Ben
Steep slope up to Slide Mountain's north ridge
Me coming up to the ridge; Ben's photo
Ben's photo
Elk tracks at 6000'
From Point 6360' (actually higher than Slide); Slide Mountain in the foreground
Wind scouring on Point 6360'
Ben headed to Slide
Headed to Slide; Ben's photo
Rainier from Slide Mountain summit 
Slide Mountain summit 6339'
Crystal Mountain summit
Glacier Peak and Alpine Lakes Wilderness peaks
Headed back down; Fawn Ridge visible on the right
The elk tracks along the ridge and our tracks climbing up to the ridge
Plunge-stepping the steeper slope
Hoar frost on upper Fawn Ridge

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  1. Looks great, Luke! I was up on Stewart Mtn. (next to Lake Whatcom) snowshoeing the upper part. Good day, too!