Sunday, August 14, 2016

Easy Peak 6615', North Cascades National Park

Most people only visit Easy Peak as a gateway to the Northern Pickets: an inconsequential bump and potential high camp before heading into the real mountains. For me, that's a perfect destination: long on-trail approach, climbers trail and light XC travel with wonderful views, trail back out.

  • The Copper Ridge Loop is very busy and as such, the Hannegan and Chilliwack River trails have been fully maintained. 
  • Chilliwack ford was barely shin deep and the Easy Ridge climbers trail is as advertised. First tarns upon reaching the ridge are all dry, but the ones midway up still have 6-8" of murkiness. 

Ruth from the Hannegan Pass trail; everyone takes this photo...
Chilliwack crossing for the climbers trail; barely reaching my shin
Midway up Easy Ridge with Easy Peak at right; Challenger, Whatcom, Whatcom Pass
Slesse and more Canadian peaks beyond
The steeper step before Easy Peak, summit back left
Mineral Mountain and Pioneer Ridge, from midway up Easy Ridge
Pano from Easy Peak: east end of Pioneer Ridge, Mt. Crowder, southern and northern Pickets (some obscured), Challenger, Perfect Pass, Whatcom, Whatcom Pass
Southern Pickets behind Mt. Crowder
Poorly-lit Northern Pickets
Pioneer Ridge; an even more isolated part of the North Cascades
Mt. Blum
Clouds to the north (Redoubt at right) 
More interesting clouds to the west, over Mineral Mountain and Shuksan
Mox Peaks and the Col of the Wild, Spickard back left; Red Face and upper Tapto Lake in the foreground
Redoubt and Bear Mountain; Red Face in foreground
Perfect Pass, Challenger, Luna lurking beyond
Easy Peak 6615'
Tarn of dead moths (but still tasted good after filtering); Copper Ridge to the north, Copper Mountain, Slesse, Border Peaks group
ID? Looks like dried up Elephant's Head?
Shuksan: Nooksack Cirque, Nooksack Tower, Price Glacier
A group of three destroyed trees with hollowed out cores
Large cedar burl

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  1. You finally decided on a route - looks like it was a good one!