Sunday, September 25, 2016

Snowking Mountain 7433', Glacier Peak Wilderness

It's hard to find peaks that a) stepdad Steve hasn't done; and b) ones that aren't too scrambly for me. I've wanted to do Snowking Mountain for awhile and Steve hadn't been out there, so it was a perfect fit. The weather didn't quite clear as much as forecast, but for late-September it still was a pretty nice day. The route is straightforward and has only one small step that I would call third class, getting into a notch (on ascent) and climbing out of it (on descent). 

Some old growth and mature forest near 4000' on the climbers trail
Climbing up to point 5791',  and the real start of Kindy Ridge
Joints on 5791'
First view of Snowking, on 5791'
Snowking Lake on the left, Skaro and Neori on right
Snowking Mountain and Snowking Lake, from midway up Kindy Ridge
Looking at the upper half of Kindy Ridge, Mutchler Peak at left
Snowking, Cyclone Lake and Lake 5442'
Upper Kindy Ridge
Cyclone Lake, looking back down Kindy Ridge
Great granite slabs on Kindy Ridge
Mutchler Peak and glacial-retreat lake
Solid, as far as talus goes
Fresh snow on upper Snowking, notch visible separating the ridge from the summit block
On the ridge just before the notch, summit block beyond
Snowking benchmark 
Mutchler, Kindy Ridge and Cyclone Lake, from the summit

Illabot Creek headwaters from the glacial-retreat lake, Glacier Peak above the clouds, Mutchler
Steve in the notch on descent, showing the little step back up to Kindy Ridge
One Cyclone Lake, one Kindy Ridge, two Steves
Last look back at Snowking and Kindy Ridge
Found Lake
Eldorado, Dorado Needle, The Triad, Backbone Ridge
Hidden Lake peaks, Eldorado over to Torment, Forbidden, Boston and Johannesburg

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