Saturday, October 26, 2013

Opal Cone, Garibaldi Park - w/Darren

More taking advantage of the fabulous weather.

Headed up to Garibaldi Park with newly-minted-dad Darren and we were out on the trail just after 7am. Headlamps only required for the first 30 minutes or so and then they were relegated to training weight.
First light hitting the Tantalus Range.
Paul Ridge in the foreground; background L-to-R: Garibaldi, Luxor-Tut, Pyramid, Mirage, Darling.
Cresting Paul Ridge.
Elfin Lakes; Opal Cone is the flat-top dome with snow on top behind the second, smaller lake.
Dropping down to Ring Creek.
Looking south down Ring Creek.
Trail up the east side of Opal Cone.
Darren gaining the crater rim of Opal. 
Opal Cone crater; the last eruption was 9,300 years ago. 
Darren on the north side of the rim.

We took the wrong way down off the cone, trundling volcanic choss as we scrambled. Added a little spice to the otherwise highway-esque trails.

Another good day in the mountains...