Sunday, November 3, 2013

Boundary Bay half marathon - 2013

One year ago I ran my first half marathon at Boundary Bay. It also was my longest run ever at that time. It's interesting to look back, just 12 months ago, when I swore I would never run anything longer than 13.1 miles...

Even though I had only run eight "speed" workouts in the last five months, I still thought it would be fun to see how I'd do at another half. My two previous times, both from November 2012, were 1:38:46 (Boundary Bay) and 1:33:51 (Seattle Half).
My brother Greg (r) and I showing a little ton of white leg at the Seattle Half finish line; Nov 2012.
I had no goal today but to pace myself well and try to get a good speed workout in. Besides screwing up by starting and immediately stopping my watch as I crossed the starting line (then restarting about three quarters of a mile in), it was a good race.

  • I ran the first half in about 46 minutes (7ish/mile pace) and the second half in 44 (6:40ish/mile). A decent negative split. 
  • Fastest lastest: although my GPS miles were off from my starting-line watch mishap, I did the last 1.4 miles in 8:58 (6:24 pace).
  • Official chip time of 1:29:59.6; ha! Sub 90 minutes was sort of an intriguing idea, but nothing I was really pushing for. To be under by less than half a second is fine by me. 
  • 4th overall and 3rd male. 
The first printout of results for the half.
Beautiful weather to boot!
...and don't diss the PI spandex...

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