Saturday, November 30, 2013

Norvan Falls, Mountain Highway - North Vancouver

Bbbrrrrr...I actually turned around early today.

Had a great outing from Lynn Canyon up to Norvan Falls and back and then headed up the Baden Powell to Mountain Highway. About a mile up it really started to pour (it had been drizzling all morning, but this was heavy rain) and the wind picked up, making it quite cold. I made it a couple more miles but my hands were so cold I couldn't make a fist or open a gel. Time to get the winter gloves out!

And I swear there is a GPS black hole in North Van on Saturday is always cutting out. Lost signal from the bottom of BP at Lynn Headwaters and couldn't pick it back up on my return to Lynn Canyon. Probably about 20 miles with a little more vert.

Last weekend the boys were asking what North Shore trails are like, so I took a few quick pictures today. Just a little taste:

A good last seven days (Sunday-Saturday) for me: 58 miles, 10,100' gain


  1. Looks like a good outing. I don't know if we crossed path today but I did run the baden Powell from Horseshoe bay to deep cove

    1. Nice! How was the snow coming over Black Mtn/Cypress?

    2. Snow started at 1100m from Horseshoe bay side then all the way down to the Cypress lodge, Still patchy of snow but probably a lot accumulated today. I was in Manning park today, big dump of snow up there today.

    3. Big weekend! Skiing, or snowshoeing out there?

    4. I was skiing. Aren't you supposed to be tapering by now?

    5. I'll take it easy the next two weeks... :)