Monday, May 25, 2015

Buckhorn Wilderness loop, Olympic National Forest

Bordering the north-east side of Olympic National Park, the Buckhorn Wilderness can hold its own against ONP.

From the Upper Dungeness trailhead, we took the Dungeness-Marmot Pass trails, summited Buckhorn Mountain (6988'), went down Tubal Cain to the Tull Canyon turn off, took the Tull Canyon-Silver Lake high route to Silver Lake, then up and over Mount Townsend (6280') and back to the FS road.

Thanks to Ben, Dave and Ethan for coming out; a tough and beautiful day.

Old growth along the Dungeness River trail
Ethan adds another Wilderness area to the list
Dungeness River
Basin below point 6599'
The only patch of snow we encountered, near Marmot Pass
Ethan on the first climbing section to Buckhorn
Dave on the Buckhorn trail, with Fricaba, Deception, Clark and Walkinshaw

Ethan nearing Buckhorn's summit
With Ethan and Ben; Dave's photo
Sorry Dave...Buckhorn summit
From the summit of Buckhorn, looking west 
Descending Buckhorn, with Mystery (l) to Walkinshaw (r)
Ben and Ethan, descending meadows to Tubal Cain; Buckhorn summit top left
Mr. Nuun himself
Dave's photo
Ben checking out an adit on the way to Tull Canyon
Upper Tull Canyon
Looking down Tull Canyon, starting the high route portion to Silver Lake
Climbing up to the ridge dividing Tull Canyon and Silver Lake
Finding the descent route down to Silver Lake
Descending to Silver Lake
Silver Lake from halfway down the descent
Lots of talus
Silver Lake
Mount Townsend summit
Beginning the descent off Townsend


  1. Thank you for the trip report. I was wondering what the snow conditions were for Buckhorn and Marmot Pass.

    1. Enjoy your trip out there, Jorge!

    2. I was just a ridge or two West this past weekend as well and surprised to see everything virtually snow free above 6,000 feet even on Northern slopes. Beautiful dry country out there.

  2. Nice. This is on my list. Where are you running this weekend? I want to come

    1. It's a very cool place; not sure re: this weekend, but drop me a note on gmail @ bataa32