Saturday, May 2, 2015

Suiattle River-Miners Ridge, Glacier Peak Wilderness

Another glorious day in the North Cascades...

Suiattle River trail is in good shape with the recent WTA/PCTA work. Miners Ridge trail has 20+ blowdowns with the majority being no issue. Patchy snow started at 5200' with most of the larger sections at 5700'+. The ridge is completed snow covered, soft and melting fast.

Kevin's first adventure in the Glacier Peak Wilderness!

Kev is like 6'4"...
Suiattle River trail
Suiattle River
Canyon Creek suspension bridge

Bad photo of  fairy slipper orchids, which were everywhere
Our third wheel who wanted to shuffle with us

Bad limbo form; Miners Ridge trail
Patchy snow on Miners Ridge trail ~5500'
Me climbing up to Miners Ridge, with Fortress Mountain
Kev, about 200' below Miners Ridge
Miners Ridge
Miners Ridge lookout at 6210'

Someone getting some good views (plane at center left)

The magnificent Glacier Peak Wilderness, from Lime Ridge (r) to Bonanza Peak in the far back-left
Agnes and Sinister, behind the Bath Lakes high route
Chiwawa Mountain (center) and Fortress
Buck Mountain over Buck Creek Pass; Helmet Butte on the left
Clark Mountain in the back

Suiattle River and Dusty Creek
Bonanza Peak behind Sitting Bull (?)
Spire Point (?)
He thinks he's so funny...
Kev calls this glissading



  1. Amazing watching it go from no snow to tons of snow above tree-line. Melt! Melt! Melt! Beautiful area!

  2. Great post/pics! We were below the suspension bridge when you two went cruising by heading back. Thank you for the motivation to go further next time!

    1. Cool! Thanks for finding my post, hope you and your group enjoyed the trails too! :)