Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rampart Mountain-Basalt Ridge, Entiat range

As Lyman Lake had over 40" of snow melt in the last two weeks, I was hoping that the central Entiat range, with many south and west facing aspects, would be melting even faster. Turned out to be still a few weeks away from the longer trip that Ethan and I had planned, but still an amazing day and a good amount of time spent at or above 7,000'. Plus, potential wolverine print near Devil's Smoke Stack.

No issues on the Basalt Pass-Basalt Ridge trail portions; most of the snow is above 6800'.

Apologies for the panorama-heavy photo set...

Crook Mountain
Looking south toward Plain, with the eastern Enchantment peaks
Basalt Ridge trail heading toward Point 7450'
Basalt Ridge with 7450'; Rampart Mountain on the left
Enchantments, Chiwaukum peaks, Rainier
Leaving 7450 headed along the ridge to Rampart; with the Entiat, Chiwawa and Dakobed ranges
Devil's Smoke Stack and Rampart Mountain
Larch-filled basin between Devil's Smoke Stack and Garland Peak
Looking into the Duncan Fire area closure
Buck, Glacier, Dakobed peaks, Clark

Ethan checking out the west end of Devil's Smoke Stack
Ethan's photo
Rampart Mountain summit 7,693'; with Fifth of July, Maude, Chiwawa, Fortress, Dome and Glacier area peaks
Cool pumice field; Ethan's photo
Wonderfully-fresh spring

Descending Basalt Ridge

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