Sunday, June 21, 2015

Snowfield Peak, North Cascades National Park

A couple of times a year stepdad Steve and I get out together, usually so he can add to his tally of North Cascades summits accumulated over the last 50 years. While he had climbed Colonial Peak in 1967, he hadn't been back to the Colonial-Snowfield group since.

I'm glad he got to add Snowfield Peak to his resume...and in a day, no less (just under 12 hours car-to-car)! As usual, I opted out of the summit scramble and relaxed on the west ridge eating Pagliacci's and draining my camera battery.

No issues with the Pyramid Lake and climber's trails; no crevasses on the Colonial Glacier, but a handful already are starting to open midway up the Neve Glacier. Currently you can either step/hop over them or use some snow bridge-islands to two-step across, though with the upcoming forecast they could open quickly. 
First views of Colonial Peak as the climber's trail breaks out on the ridge
Climber's trail, with Davis Peak and the Southern Pickets
Davis Peak and the Southern Pickets
Starting the traverse to the Colonial Glacier
Dikes in the Colonial Glacier moraine
Colonial Glacier, headed toward the Colonial-Neve col (center-left)
Colonial-Neve col with the first view of Snowfield Peak
Snowfield Peak and the Neve Glacier
Midway up the Neve Glacier; the obvious uphill section in the middle of the previous photo

Upper Neve Glacier and Snowfield's west ridge
The Needle (?) and The Horseman
Looking north from Snowfield's west ridge: Hozomeen to Fury
Looking south: Tepeh Towers to Big Devil, with Eldorado towering
Steve headed toward the summit scramble
Luna, Redoubt, Mox Peaks, Spickard; Davis and Elephant Butte in mid-ground
Impressive McAllister Glacier with the summit of Eldorado hiding
The only people we saw all day: party of five descending the Neve Glacier behind us
Traverse back to the ridge and climber's trail
"Lily Pad" tarn and Colonial Peak
Pyramid Lake trail
65 and still rocking 17-mile, 8k' gain jorts

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