Friday, July 3, 2015

Goat Island Mountain-Banshee Peak "7up" loop, Mount Rainier National Park

Besides White River, I haven't truly been in MRNP for over a decade. This is a sweet hiking loop that is about half on trail and half cross country (though reasonably tame). All credit to WillisWall for his very cool MRNP 7up route collection; excited to do some of the other ones as well!

Hitting the trail early I had the entire Goat Island Mountain traverse to myself and didn't see anyone until intersecting the Wonderland just above the Summer Land campground. Unfortunately, I had a very tight timetable with a hard cutoff of four hours before having to turn around. I reached the west summit of Banshee Peak at 3:58 elapsed and had to skip the little 1/3-mile walk out to the true summit. After making the descent from there to the trail head in only 1:50, it become apparent I probably did have enough time to hit the true summit and still be back in time. Oh well...

Made the round trip in 5:50 car-to-car (5:50am-11:40am).

Love those pink paintbrush; basin at 5900' when switching ridges on the climb up Goat Island Mountain (GIM)
White River from the east ridge of GIM
White River, Cowlitz Chimneys, Banshee, Adams, Panhandle Gap, edge of Little Tahoma
Goat Island Mountain summit 7,288'
Double selfie, I guess
Moraine lake in the White River valley, with Burroughs/Sunrise above
Idyllic ridge travel on GIM
Little Tahoma and falls coming off of the Fryingpan Glacier
No issues with crossing the moraine/two forks of Fryingpan Creek
Summer Land
Look back at GIM from the Wonderland Trail, just below Panhandle Gap
Meadow walking to Banshee
Adams, Hood and St. Helens
Cowlitz Chimneys and the Sarvant Glacier, from Banshee's west summit 7,265'
Lake on the Wonderland Trail, below Panhandle Gap
Practically a road walk back to the trail head!


  1. Beautiful as always. Sometimes I wished I lived closer to Rainier. So much to explore there, especially in a summer like this year with so many months of snow free trails.

  2. Hi Luke! Could you kindly email me the gpx file for this trip. I do not have Strava premium.