Sunday, July 19, 2015

Little Devil Peak, North Cascades National Park

After Ethan and I had a good three-hour running workout on Wednesday, a weekend hike was in order.

Along with Kate we hiked up to Monogram Lake and took the wrap-around ridge up to the splendid south slopes of Little Devil, doing a rising traverse up to the glacial-retreat lake outlet. We started to go up the south ridge where Kate and I stopped around 6600' and let Ethan move quicker up to tag the summit (6985').

The cross-country travel to that point was easy, but engaging; the "usual" North Cascades views and multiple types of ripe berries made it even more pleasant and encouraged a casual pace for the day.  

Salmonberry picking along the trail

Lookout Mountain lookout
Ripe berries...
Monogram Lake and the Eldorado massif, in the morning
Little rock garden on the way to Little Devil's south slopes
The bowling ball, with Point 6239' and Eldorado group beyond

Little Devil Peak over its glacier

Peak IDs in zoom photos
South ridge of Little Devil Peak, around 6500'
Ethan on the summit of Little Devil 6985'
Looking down on the ridge and slopes we came up; Mt. Snowking prominent in the background, Chaval to the right (?)
Dorado Needle, west end of Tepeh Towers and Eldorado
Johannesburg, Spider, Formidable, Bonanza, Sentinel-Old Guard (hello Ptarmigan Traverse!)
Glacier Peak, Buckindy, Snowking
Ethan and Kate spying on the Little Devil glacier
Little Devil glacier
Follow the dyke all the way across and up the ridge
Grouse chick
Grouse chick

The Needle, The Horseman and Snowfield Peak
Eldorado west face over the Marble Creek drainage
Heading back down, by going up
Sentinel-Old Guard (l), Gunsight, Sinister, Dome, Spire Point,


  1. Would you have a GPS track for this route?

    1. Hi GI,

      Here's the file on Strava: Take a good map and it's very straightforward.