Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2016 support: Pearl Izumi, Honey Stinger, Nuun

I always feel a bit sheepish when I fill out an application that has four or five different boxes for personal social media links and I list this blog and fill out the rest as "N/A"...

For 2016 I applied to three companies: Pearl Izumi (again), Honey Stinger (first time) and Nuun (first time). I feel very fortunate to have been accepted to all three ambassador programs and appreciate the support from each respective company.

Pearl Izumi

I've now been wearing Peal Izumi shoes for three years and continue to love them. I'm still using the Trail N2v2 for trails, Road N3 as a 100-mile shoe/road recovery shoe, Road N2v3 as a daily trainer and Road N0v2 as a workout/racing shoe (yes, I'm signed up for a road half marathon in February).

In 2016 PI is releasing a Trail N3 and the Trail N2v3; both of which look very cool and after trying on the Trail N3 at Seven Hills I'm sure it'll be my new 100-mile shoe. They also have new lines of clothing coming out that appear to be quite different from what they've been doing the last few years.

Honey Stinger 

To be honest, I first bought honey stinger bars and chews a few years ago when Lance Armstrong was on the wrappers and every retailer was clearing them out on the cheap. Since then their chews and waffles have been staples of what I take with me to the mountains. I especially like the Gingersnap Waffles and the Fruit Smoothie and Pomegranate Passion chews. They are just releasing new chews that have a little protein in them (5g/150cal) as well as gluten-free waffles for people with Celiac.


Nuun was another chance product I got turned onto a few years ago when I received some as a gift. The flavors are pleasant and it's easy to carry and use. Recently I've been using it more in town as well, mainly after running when I immediately go sit at a computer for hours. A couple of years ago I was having bouts of orthostatic hypotension from not rehydrating enough after long or hard workouts. Having a bottle of nuun with calories solved the issue!


As a little fish in a big mountain pond, I do appreciate that hopefully some people think these adventures are cool and find the reports here useful!

Happy Holidays,


  1. Always a pleasure to read your reports, Luke! What are your race plans for 2016?

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks for the note, Gareth. No racing plans beyond a road half marathon in February. I'd like to do another adventure 100-miler and maybe a 100 race if I decided to keep trying the Hardrock lottery (IMTUF is intriguing in that regard). What about you? Hope you're well.

    2. Congrats. I gave up after so many rejection, instead I focused with my race and I had an amazing 2015 race outcome. Been in a podium almost on every race I entered.

    3. Nice, Dean! Glad to hear you're racing strong. More in 2016?