Monday, December 7, 2015

Granite Lakes trail windstorm destruction

Unfortunately, the Granite Lakes trail off of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie road has been obliterated by blowdown after the bridge crossing Granite Creek. There are 100+ blowdowns in the 1/4-mile past the bridge and the 100 yards ahead we could see when we stopped appeared to be more of the same.

It will take a massive effort to clear (if chosen to put the resources into it).

The view up the trail when we finally gave up; Kevin's pic
Opposite view from above, looking down the trail; Kevin's pic

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  1. Sad... that was one of my favorite trails to grind on up to the cabin. 7.5 miles of steady consistent runnable climbing, followed by 7.5 miles of quad pounding descent. This looks like Rattlesnake 2 winters ago. I cleared over 300 blowdowns in about a 3 mile distance. It took me weeks to get that trail open. Hope someone goes at it. Granite creek isn't in the Alpine Lake Wilderness, so chainsaws will make the work go a lot quicker.