Sunday, July 9, 2017

Nason Ridge Traverse: Mastiff, Howard, Rock,

Chances are high that this was Ben's revenge for the 1,500 Pasayten blowdowns I made him endure last weekend. This is actually a pretty interesting point-to-point route, but it's hot, dusty, rocky and the bugs are miserable. However, it is cool to traverse an entire ridge for ~28 miles and the cross country high basin section between Mastiff and Howard is pretty special. The trail from Snowy Creek to Smith Brook Road is "there" for the first two miles, but barely. The final mile down is fine.

Thanks to Patti for driving the shuttle and joining us on the off-trail section from Merrit Lake to Crescent Lake.
From the Nason Ridge trailhead at Lake Wenatchee all the way to Smith Brook Road, including the Alpine Lookout, Mt. Mastiff 6741', Mt. Howard 7063' and Rock Mountain 6840': 27.6 miles, 11,600' gain

Big Ponderosa on the way up

Mastiff (r), Howard (c), Rock (l), from the Alpine Lookout

Looking into the Napeequa

On the way to Mastiff, route stays on the east (right) side of the ridge

Lost Lake and eastern Nason Ridge, from the upper slopes of Mastiff

Glacier Peak Wilderness, from the summit of Mastiff

Route from Mastiff to Howard is great; Canaan Lake below

Nason Terrane banded gneiss (yeah?)

Ben and Patti coming up Howard, Mastiff behind

Bonanza, Maude group and other GPW peaks

Looking over at Rock from Howard; Rainier, Daniel and Hinman beyond

Maybe they should add a "seasonal" qualifier...

Sloughy trail on the way to Rock

Rock Lake just melting out, still lots of snow in the basin above

Looking back at Nason Ridge from the summit of Rock

Summit of Rock; bugs abound

Good flower show on the west slope of Rock

Continue on disused Nason Ridge Trail to Smith Brook

Coming over the final ridge before dropping down to the road


  1. My arms and legs start to itch just reading this TR! So many bugs on that ridge!

    1. putting on hydrocortisone like sunscreen...