Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mt. Shuksan hike

Annual outing with stepdad Steve.
We started out at  4:40am; up on Shannon Ridge at 6am. 
Mt. Baker from upper Shannon Ridge; daylight arrives.
Perfect timing; crossing the notch as the sun rises over the Pickets.
Shuksan's Sulphide Glacier; party of six in the top left, see next photo. 
Zoomed in on the 3am party of six in the previous photo.
After cresting the large rise in the previous photo. Regular route goes up the left (west) side, but it was pretty broken up; easy route up the center, then just under the eastern side up to the pyramid base.

Not a bad lunchtime (at 9:28am) view.
Steve descending from the summit; since I don't do any technical climbing anymore I was more than happy to just chill at the base of the gully. 
Back on the Sulphide moraine.
A good day in the mountains.

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