Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mt. Webb - and a bit extra

Going up toward Radium Lake; mist and rain. 
MacDonald-Webb col, with MacDonald in the clouds.
Pano from the summit of Mount Webb. Ascending the ridge from the col was a little sketchy with 50-metre visibility. Not having done the route before, I almost turned around a few hundred feet below the summit as clouds blew in. Luckily they sort of cleared. 

No views, but still happy on the summit ~7,100'.
Sun peeks over the MacDonald-Webb col during my descent toward Radium Lake.
I'm just passing through...above Radium Lake.
Going for a little climb up the Flora Lake Trail (only went up for one hour).
Looking back at Mount Webb from the Flora Lake trail.

GPS cut out a number of times. Should be ~24 miles with a little more vertical gain.

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park map.

  • The trail up to Radium is in pretty good shape. A couple overgrown spots and some blowdown, but not bad. The logs/planks meant to keep you out of the mud are extremely slippery and way worse than just sloshing through the mud. 
  • Quite a bit of blowdown from Radium up to the talus that leads to the col. 
  • Generally easy to follow the ridge from the MacDonald-Webb col to Webb summit (definitely no problem if there is clear weather).
  • Flora Lake trail is in really good shape and is a fun grunt (for at least the first 2.5 miles). Looking forward to going back to finish that one.
Also, a big congrats to Greg for his classy finish at Wasatch 100 (moving up from 140th to 98th over the last 60 miles!). 

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