Sunday, January 12, 2014


Last year Dave wrote what I think is a great post on some of the less-obvious training he did that he found useful for ultras (especially 50 miles and up). For someone new to distance running, reading it really helped me think about what I might be able to do to improve.

A trap I try and avoid is connecting "improving" only with running faster times in races. While that may be a result, I find it much more satisfying to focus on all of my long runs, of which I do considerably more than races, and go for that golden realm of consistency.

So, a few neglected areas to think about and try to incorporate:

  • Eating more: I usually run closer to the empty side. Eating 100-200 calories per hour is about right for me most of the time, but I realize it won't be enough for the longer adventures I want to try this year.
  • Heat: Same as above; being on the cool side always is nicer than being hot.
  • Actually running: I think I'm a much better hiker than runner.  
  • Adaptability: Feeling comfortable with handhelds, a belt or a pack; or all three. Using poles for some long wilderness trips too. 
  • Safety: For adventure runs, especially by myself, something to put a greater focus on.  
For the eating more category, yesterday Adam and I did a doughnut run. Lynn Headwaters to Deep Cove, on lots of this: 
Baden Powell on Seymour in fine winter form.
...ate one of these:
Honey Doughnuts; the size of two normal ones. 
...and then ran back. Definitely much different than what I normally do, and I actually felt fine on the return trip. 

Anyone else care to weigh in on your own areas for improvement...?


  1. How about looking after my body post-run. I was guilty last season of not stretching/rolling enough and now am victim to some metatarsalgia and itband syndrome, seems impossible to get rid of but I'm slowly coming around. Big goal this year is to develop consistent post-run planning to keep on top of these issues.

    1. I think everyone is guilty of that at some point! I hope both those issues clear up soon for you, Gareth. Is the metatarsalgia on one specific metatarsal/area, or multiple?