Friday, January 10, 2014

Light up!

At 4:40pm yesterday I was just finishing up a midweek long run. It was dark, rainy and windy. About one kilometer from home I passed by the Gilbert Rd. Fire Station, which had written on it's board, "PEDESTRIAN SAFETY IS FOR ALL AGES." I looked at my reflective arm band and rear flashing light, and thought I was decently lit.

A few minutes later and I'm about 50 meters out from the intersection in front of my building. I see a car stop in the middle of the crosswalk as it is turning left, and the car behind honking. I didn't think much of it, then looked up again a few seconds later and see the driver getting out of their car.

As I reach the crosswalk I see a girl laying down in the street about 3 meters in front of the car. I reach her about three seconds after the driver and another bystander do. Crossing the street, in a crosswalk with a walk signal, the car, turning left, didn't see her, and hit her (but luckily was going slow enough that it only hit her and didn't run her over). She was in all dark clothing, but carrying a pink umbrella.

I stayed with her and the other bystander, talking to her, shielding her from the rain and making sure she was alert and not moving. The driver was obviously shocked and kind of just stood there, being very apologetic, and waiting for the EMTs to show up. The girl, probably around 18, complained only of lower back pain where the car struck her, wasn't bleeding anywhere we could see and didn't appear to have any obvious head injuries.

They arrived in about five minutes and I left. I saw from the window that an ambulance took her away soon after, and I hope there is no permanent damage.

It obviously was very sad to see, and regardless of how Christmas tree-like I may look, I should probably wear more bright gear during these PNW dark days.

Stay safe.  

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