Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stetattle Ridge with Dave

Every Wednesday should be like this.

It seemed like today was the last of the weather window and luckily I was able to use a vacation day to venture out with Dave to experience some of my favorite views in the North Cascades. After my trip here in September it was obvious a winter outing would be in order.

The snow was in perfect shape: no snowshoes needed, nice and firm for walking and kicking steps on any steeper sections. It felt hard to call it winter though when you're in short sleeves at 6500' in January.

I guess it should be expected on a weekday in winter, but we had the whole mountain/ridge to ourselves, which was a real treat.

Opening up on the very southern end of Stetattle
Stetattle Ridge (r), Luna, Elephant Butte, Fury, southern Pickets, Davis 

Dave with Colonial, Primus group, Logan, Thunder Creek Valley, Buckner, Red and Ruby
Jack and Crater, which Dave and I ran around during the Devils Dome loop
Central Stetattle Ridge

Chilliwack group: Redoubt, Mox Peaks, Spickard

McMillan Spires, Inspiration, Degenhardt and Azure Lake

Colonial-Snowfield group

Done by 2:30pm!

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  1. I should have joined you guys today. Those are some awesome views. I liked your panoroma of the central ridge with the windswept snow. I only got up to 5,000 feet today, but this inversion sure made things nice and warm up high. It felt like a summer not winter. A great PTO day indeed.