Sunday, August 9, 2015

Skyscraper-Third Burroughs-Mount Ruth loop, Mount Rainier National Park

Following the Goat Island Mountain-Banshee Peak hike from July, I started looking more at the MRNP map for other loops (have to get full value out of that America the Beautiful pass!). The Skyscraper-Third Burroughs-Mount Ruth loop takes you up three 7,000'+ peaks, passing through forest, parklands, pumice deserts, some talus/scree and ample views of the lower 48's largest glacier (The Emmons). A highly-enjoyable route on Rainier's northeast side!

Luckily, Steve was able to join me and whatever slight chance of rain was in the forecast appeared to keep the crowds away as there were very few people out, besides on the popular trails (Glacier Basin).
We went counterclockwise from the White River campground; 21 miles with 8,000'+ gain
Skyscraper Mountain (7,078') from the Wonderland Trail in Berkeley Park
From the summit of Skyscraper, with building lenticular clouds; Third Burroughs below Steamboat Prow and Ruth on the left of the Inter Glacier
Steamboat Prow, Emmons and Winthrop glaciers, Curtis Ridge, Willis Wall
Goats below Skyscraper Mountain
Steve on the short XC traverse from Skyscraper to the Third Burroughs trail
Steve, with the route from Skyscraper (center)
Summit of Third Burroughs (7,828')
Winthrop Glacier, from the summit of Third Burroughs
Rockfall from upper Curtis Ridge onto the Winthrop
Looking W-NW from Third Burroughs: Russel Glacier with Observation and Echo rocks, Mystic Lake, Old Desolate, Vernal Park and Sluishkin Mountain
Descending from Third Burroughs into Glacier Basin; Little Tahoma, Ruth, Inter Glacier, Steamboat Prow
Climber's trail out of Glacier Basin headed to Ruth, Steamboat and Camp Shurman
White River crossing (upper shin in the middle)
Emmons Glacier
Emmons Glacier
Emmons Glacier
Summit of Mount Ruth (8,690')
Descending Ruth with the Burroughs plateau, Sunrise, Glacier Basin/White River and Goat Island Mountain
One of a group of goats on Mount Ruth



  1. Great photos! The views of the various glaciers are quite nice from the various peaks you've done on this trip. I'll need to consider leaving my dog at home for one trip!

    1. Thanks Martin; and yes, worth the pup-less trip!

  2. Replies
    1. You know he wouldn't have it any other way :)