Saturday, December 7, 2013

2014 races?

No luck this morning with the Western States lottery...quite a few Washingtonian runners selected and Hozumi from Vancouver, but no one I personally know.

So, what to "race" for the year, then?

  • Miwok 100km, CA, May 3 (In via the lottery!)
  • Capitol Peak 50m, WA, April 26 (backup for Miwok)
  • Cascade Crest 100, WA, August 23 (February lottery; first choice)
  • Silverton Double Dirty 30 100k, CO, June 28 (Mini Hardrock! Super tempting; January registration)
  • The Bear 100, UT, September 26 (waiting to see about Cascade Crest)
  • Pine to Palm 100, OR, September 13 (double backup?) 
A couple of 50k races or a 50m might sneak their way in, but I don't (currently) plan on doing more than four races next year. I may have spent too much time tapering and recovering and think I'd like to have a bit more freedom for adventure runs in 2014. I'd love to do some more pacing and crewing for 100m races, though!  

Here is one of the adventure runs I didn't get to do this year; snowed out by that early-season storm the first week of October:
60-mile traverse of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area, starting at eightmile creek in Leavenworth and ending at Snoqualmie Pass.
Profile of the route, read right-to-left.
A big route in the Pasayten, running the Grand Gulch trip I llama-packed with family 20+ years ago and some other random adventures also would be great to do.


  1. Wow. quite a list there you got.

  2. Replies
    1. They charged my CC and it's showing up on my Ultrasignup calendar, so I sure hope so! :)