Sunday, December 22, 2013

Longest Night group run: THANK YOU!

Got out to Cougar Mountain last night for some headlamp-lit rain, mud and fog running, to celebrate the longest night of the year.

Thanks to everyone who showed up: Dave, Paul, brother Greg, Matthew, Ian, Martin and Todd.

Starting just after 5pm everyone did a first ~15m first loop and five of us headed out for another 8 miles, finishing around 11pm. Suffice to say we had the trails all to ourselves.

No sprained ankles, lots of good running talk, just fun times on the trails with good people. Dare I say it will be an annual thing?

All done; Matthew, Dave, Luke, Ian, Paul.
Paul made cool shirts for everyone too!


  1. Good stuff, thanks for putting everything together so we could just show up and eat and fart and play.

  2. Hey Luke, just found your great blog. I'm running Miwok this May as well! I live in Van - run on N. shore every week. Do you want to train together a bit? Maybe a long run in Jan? climbnow at gmail