Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Annual Christmas Eve trip up Mt. Si

My brother, step-dad Steve and I always go for a hike up Mt. Si on Christmas Eve, starting early and trying to beat the crowds. This year I run-hiked up, went back down .7 miles to meet them, then went back up and waited for them before running all the way down.

The snow started 2.3 miles up and the top mile was a nice 4-5" of powder from overnight snow.

On the way up, looking back down the trail; about 3 miles up. 
Flirting with a view from the 3,945' lookout point. 

First time up.
Second time up; snapping Greg and Steve as they come up.
Steve, me, Greg.
Sun coming out on the way down, about 2.2 miles from the trailhead.

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